50 Ultimate Summer Bucket List Ideas For Women

50 Ultimate Summer Bucket List Ideas For Women

When summer starts everyone gets excited for all sorts of reasons. For some, school is out and it’s time to enjoy a much needed break before going back in the fall. For others, summer means going on fun vacations. However, when August starts to hit, summer slowly starts slipping away. And for those of us who love summer, it’s a bittersweet feeling! Sweet that there is still summer left, but sad that it’s almost over. That’s why I’ve created a summer bucket list to help you make the most out of what is left of this summer. Here are 50 ultimate summer bucket list ideas for women.

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50 Ultimate Summer Bucket List Ideas For Women

Enjoy what is left of summer.

Instead of counting down the days to fall, focus on creating fun memories with your loved ones while summer is still here. Working all year long with no breaks can definitely take a toll on you. And although work is good and necessary, breaks are really needed and we should listen to our bodies when they tell us that we need a break. Plus summer is a great time to take breaks.

Here’s a friendly reminder to practice self-care and learn to prioritize your health and wellbeing. 

The more you learn to put yourself first, the more your body will thank you!

Self-care is an essential part of our daily health. Either way, it’s time to make the most out of this summer! Here’s the 50 ultimate summer bucket list ideas for women.


  1. Spend a day at the spa and pamper yourself. 
  2. Take a lovely bike ride along a trail you’ve never been to. Bring a few friends! 
  3. Go on a day trip to the beach. Bring all the essentials that are needed and don’t forget to check your list so that you don’t forget anything that you may need. 
  4. Read a book and try to finish it! Taking the time to read is so good for you. 
  5. Sleep in. Don’t set an alarm and enjoy sleeping in for once. It’s summer! 
  6. Go to the movies with friends. During the summer, there’s always new releases. Go to one with a few friends and have fun! 
  7. Plan a girls’ night out. 
  8. Have a date night with a loved one. Plan something romantic. 
  9. Go on a lunch date with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Catch up and enjoy! 
  10. Bake cupcakes in your pajamas. That’s so relaxing! 
  11. Work on a craft project you’ve been wanting to do for a while. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest you can try. Make a list and check off when you’ve completed them. 
  12. Volunteer at a place where you feel you’re needed. Some examples are your local homeless shelter, churches, and the Salvation army. 
  13. Try a new healthy dish. Add in a lot of veggies that you need to eat. 
  14. Build a campfire with friends and make s’mores together. Have snacks and drinks ready to enjoy with it. 
  15. Go on a hike with your friends and take pictures to capture the memories. 
  16. Attend a fun outdoor concert. You can even surprise a friend with a ticket!
  17. Build sandcastles on a sunny day. 
  18. Visit a restaurant that you’ve never been to before. And pick something from the menu that you usually don’t have! 
  19. Have a BBQ outdoor party. Invite friends and family! 
  20. Go swimming with friends. Invite more people you haven’t seen in a while.  
  21. Get your nails done and try a new brand new style. There are many options on Pinterest as well. 
  22. Create a 4th of July charcuterie board. Take pictures of it and post it online! 
  23. Host a 4th of July backyard party. You can get your decorations from Hobby Lobby or the Dollar Tree, which is more affordable. 
  24. Go on a lake trip. 
  25. Plant a summer vegetable garden. 
  26. Pick wildflowers and create your own bouquet as the centerpiece of your kitchen table. 
  27. Do a random act of kindness for a person in need.
  28. Bake a fresh pie for someone who needs cheering up. There’s a lot of good a homemade baked treat can do for sadness! 
  29. Binge watch your favorite T.V. show all day. 
  30. Go to a botanical garden.
  31. Visit a state you’ve never been to before.
  32. See the fireworks in the bed of a truck. Bring snacks and enjoy! 
  33. Journal and draw a picture alongside of your entry. 
  34. Paint the sunset on a blank canvas. 
  35. Refresh your home with new decor. Pick out stuff you like from your favorite home decor store. 
  36. Explore attractions in your own city.
  37. Add a new product to your skincare routine. 
  38. Host a fun game night. 
  39. Write a blog post for fun.  
  40. Visit the zoo with friends. 
  41. Go on a shopping spree at your favorite store.
  42. Watch the sunset on the beach. 
  43. Visit a farmer’s market for fresh flowers and produce. 
  44. Go bowling. 
  45. Wake up early and go on an early morning jog. 
  46. Order your favorite Starbucks drink and go shopping. 
  47. Try a new makeup look you’ve been wanting to try out. 
  48. Buy a new book you’ve been wanting to read. 
  49. Try a new hairstyle. 
  50. Collect seashells at the beach. 

Try new things.

Are you a person who’s not into trying new things? A lot of people like to stick to routine and are afraid to experience new things and branch out. That’s normal and understandable! However, you may want to take the time this summer to try out new things and focus on creating new memories.

Live in the present this summer.

Have fun with your loved ones and try to enjoy the present. This. means putting away your cell phone and focusing on what’s in front of you. Bonus points if you take a break from social media.

As fun and entertaining as social media apps are, it’s important to focus on the present.

Pay attention to your loved one and focus on communication rather than scrolling on Instagram. Instagram is available all year long, summer isn’t!

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This summer is all about creating new memories and checking things off your summer bucket list.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these amazing summer bucket list ideas. Don’t forget to bookmark this post to come back to it and leave a comment down below if you liked this post! 

Until next time, 

Gabby Abigail

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